Hurricane Irma Hits Florida Keys

The hurricane storm started hitting the Florida Keys on Sunday. Most people have already evacuated the area so the entire city may look vacant. When Irma hits the Florida Keys, it was traveling at a wind speed of 215 km/h. The hurricane has an eye that is as wide as 20 miles. It has the ability to bring a surge on the ocean water of up to 15 feet. At this level of storm surge, it is enough to cover up a building as high as a double story house. The State of Local Emergency was issued on Tuesday. On the website of the county, it points the residents to go to seek shelters at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition. There are some people that still remain at home when Hurricane Irma arrives. This has forced police to open the last minute shelter.

The hurricane storm in Florida Key West starts to die down on Sunday. Many residents who have returned assume that they are going to see a lot of damages. Fortunately, the damages are not that serious. Throughout Florida Keys West, there are broken tree branches and cars under water. Streets near to Mallory Square are under water up to the hip level. Trees have fallen directly onto 2 hours on Williams Street. One of the house is the house of Shel Silverstein, a children storybook writer. The surge that occurred in most part of Florida Keys is just 3 – 5 feet.

More serious damages can be seen in the middle and upper keys. It is possible that there are fatalities in the middle and upper keys. The local authorities have already dispatched a humanitarian crisis team from the Air Force and Air National Guard. Many vehicles are under water in Grouper Lane in Key Largo. Power outage has occurred throughout the Florida Keys. Some of the transmission lines that belong to Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority have become damaged. There is a high level of standing water in Marathon area. Many boats can be seen floating on the flood waters in the Marathon area.

In Big Pine Key, lots of debris are scattered all over the road. Coconuts and leaves from palm trees are strewn all over the places. Five boats also end up on the highway after getting carried off by the storm wind from the dock. A surf board hangs in the middle of the trees. The local authorities warn the residents not to navigate the water because much hazardous debris ends up in the water. Crews from Monroe County have arrived with all the tools to clear away the debris from the road. The officials are asking the evacuees not to return home for now until they have given them notice.

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