Three Other Storms that are Following Up on Hurricane Florence

With news talking about Florence, everyone is just paying attention to this particular hurricane. However, astronauts have spotted other tropical storms that will also potentially hit US. The two other storms that have been formed on the Atlantic Ocean are Isaac and Helene. The astronauts have taken pictures of the two hurricanes when they fly over them.

At the moment, Hurricane Florence is moving at a sustained winds of 140 mph towards the east coast. The storm is about 500 – 600 miles wide and its strength is increasing. Computer models predict that Hurricane Florence will make a landfall as a major hurricane by Thursday in Carolinas.

The hurricane may affect inland areas. The National Weather Service is urging everyone on the east coast to waste no time in making preparation. Those who live inland should not think that they are safe as Florence will be bringing heavy rain to area along the coast and far inland.

Hurricane Isaac is a small Category 1 hurricane with wind moving at a speed in between 74 – 95 mph. Hurricane Isaac is moving towards the Caribbean and it is expected to bring up to 5 feet of storm surge. Hurricane Isaac was downgraded to a tropical storm overnight but the storm may have a potential to become more powerful when it reach the Lesser Antilles Islands.

Isaac could reach Puerto Rico with a wind between 39 – 73 mph on Friday morning. It will dump 3 – 5 inches of rain in several regions in Puerto Rico including Martinique, and Guadalupe. In some remote regions, Isaac could dump up to 10 inches of rain. Tropical storm watch has been posted in several places such as St. Kittis, and Nevis on Tuesday.

Hurricane Helene is a Category 2 hurricane with wind blowing at a speed in between 96 – 110 mph. Currently, Hurricane Helene is still near to Africa. Hurricane Helene could change direction to the northeast in the Atlantic sea before heading to Europe. It is expected to weakened as it travel across the cool water. Hurricane Helene could form a storm surge that reaches up to 8 feet. The three storms have potential to transform into powerful cyclones.

There is also another tropical storm called Olivia that is making way to Hawaii. Olivia is gradually weakening but it will remain a tropical storm when it pass through Hawaii. The maximum sustained wind recorded for Olivia is 60 mph. The storm could turn into a Category 1 hurricane at just an increment of 5 mph of wind speed. Residents of Hawaii have been urged to take extra precaution by the National Weather Service in Honolulu. A few government offices in Hawaii have been closed down in preparation for the tropical storm.

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